USC Marshall Alumni Association
Executive Board 2019

The USC Marshall Alumni Association (MAA) has been established to have a unique and positive value to the USC Marshall School of Business, the business community, and its members. Membership is automatically granted upon graduation to all undergraduate and graduate degree-holders of the USC Marshall School of Business and USC Leventhal School of Accounting -- more than 89,000 alumni around the world.

The MAA will utilize the foundations created by all support groups and school-related alumni organizations to build a premier membership organization for the school, enhancing the quality and reputation of the school, and allowing the members of the MAA to enhance their own education and networking opportunities that arise by contact with the school and with other members of the MAA.

Welcome Remarks from USC Marshall Alumni Association Chairman, Eden Tsai

Eden Tsai

Fellow Trojans,

It is an honor to serve as Chairman of the USC Marshall Alumni Association through June 30, 2020, and, with your help, we can make our mighty alumni association greater than it has ever been.

I am humbled to be the first woman and the first Asian American to serve as Chairman of the USC Marshall Alumni Association. I have never felt limited by my gender or my ethnicity; both have helped define who I am. And I thank USC Marshall School of Business for accepting and including me.

The USC Marshall MBA.PM program was the only program I applied to when I was ready to pursue a graduate business degree. Even before I graduated from UCLA, I knew that I would one day pursue an MBA at the school on the “other side town.” The main reason was the power of the USC network, also known as the “Trojan Family.” Volunteering with the USC Marshall Alumni Association has been one of my most rewarding experiences by far. I hope that, in your own way, you’re taking full advantage of our lifelong and worldwide Trojan connections. (Meet members of the Executive Board below.)

As Trojans, we are not only expected to Answer the Call, but we are called upon to Pay It Forward. Together, we will build an alumni association that is greater today than it was the day before. This is Greatness Shared.

ONE Marshall. Because together, we are greater.

Whether you are Alumni participating in USC Marshall Alumni Association’s Los Angeles Chapter, Orange County Chapter, Bay Area Chapter, or New York Chapter – or any region around the world, a student, faculty or staff – we are all ONE Marshall.

  • If you recently moved to LA, OC, Northern California, or NYC, please reach out to the respective chapter president, who will get you plugged in. (See contact info for chapter presidents Alex Fadil, Morgan Breit, Josh Bingham, and Sarah Donaldson below.)

  • If you live outside of one of the four main regions, or are looking to connect with Trojans during your travels, feel free to reach out to the Champion Advisor of Regional Representatives, who will connect you with a Trojan in the area. (See contact info for Steven Johnson below.) 

Remember, the Trojan Network is only as strong as we make it.” 
- Josh Bingham, MBA '07

USC Marshall Alumni Association provides many ways for our over 89,000 Marshall and Leventhal alumni to get involved, through in-person or online events throughout the year. I hope to connect with you through one of these opportunities soon.

Fight On!

Eden Tsai, MBA.PM '09
Chairman, USC Marshall Alumni Association


Contact any one of us to hear more about how you can get involved
and start benefiting from the Trojan Family!  

USC Marshall Alumni Association Executive Board, 2018 - 2019





Eden Tsai,


Alex Fadil,

Los Angeles Chapter

Morgan Breit,

OC Chapter

Josh Bingham,

Bay Area
Chapter President

Sarah Donaldson,

New York









Chase Ginther, Philanthropy

Sadao Nakachi,

Professional Development

Steven Johnson,

Regional Reps

Katie Kristof, 
Student Engagement

Phil Dandridge, Finance






Dominic-Chen Lori_Babigian Rick_Garcia

Greatness Shared

Christine McKibban,

Dominic Chen, 

Lori Babigian,

Rick Garcia,

Chairman Emeritus