USC Marshall Alumni Association - Indonesia Region


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Board of Directors

President   Business Breakfast Chair   Commercial Real Estate Affinity Leader   Health Leaders Affinity Leader   Women in Business Affinity Leader

Rick Garcia

  Tim O'Shea
  Jeff Hughes   Michelle McAdam   Manna Kadar
Marshall MBA '02   Marshall MBA '06   Marshall '02   Annenberg '86   Marshall '02
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Technology Leaders Affnity Leader   Luncheon Director / Lunch Leader - Costa Mesa   Lunch Leader - South County   Lunch Leader - Irvine   Lunch Leader - Newport Beach
Casey McMackin   Jim Feederle   George Sarkissian   Wayne Neale   Doug Richards
Annenberg '09   USC '80   Marshall '09   USC '93   Marshall '95
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Events Co-Chair   Events Co-Chair   Marketing Co-Chair   Marketing Co-Chair   Marketing
Brenden Etue   Tom Schell   Dave Carevich   Eden Tsai   Kim Brown
Marshall MBA '11   Marshall '11   Marshall MBA '98   Marshall MBA '09   Marshall MBA '11
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Controller   Logistics & Events Director   Secretary   Position   Position
Phil Dandrige   Pat Fitzpatrick   Susan Flattum   Tommy Trojan   Tommy Trojan
USC '81, MBA '85   Marshall MBA '98   Marshall '90   BGrad Year   Grad Year
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Past Events

Marshall Business Breakfast -

  • Scott Dunlop, Producer of "Real Housewives"
  • Bret Johnson, CFO, SpaceX

Health Leaders

  • Robert Grant, Ex CEO of Allergan
  • Edwards LifeSciences ONTSITE with Michael A Mussallem