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Verizon Powerful Answers Award
Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Verizon Powerful Answers Award is intended to spark innovative thinking and problem-solving across industries, and to generate ideas, solutions and powerful answers for some of the world’s biggest challenges in the fields of 1) education, 2) sustainability, 3) healthcare and 4) transportation.  

The Award seeks ideas from all types of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs that tackle some of society’s biggest issues and opportunities.  

Verizon is, at its core, committed to finding ways to advance technology and drive innovation, and the Powerful Answers Award is an example of that commitment in action.  

This is a significant commitment from Verizon as the Award carries with it millions of dollars in prizes, as well as other support and opportunities.  Winners in the four categories will receive $1 million each, and two runners-up per category will receive $250,000 each. 

Submit your idea today at

Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services
Sunday, March 03, 2013
I can be found / you can find me - anywhere on the web/internet by searching: jeffreydavidmorris. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and VAST ETC elsewhere on web/internet. It's all about the (key word's) you type 'in'. Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website: and
Think about it like this, I AM, a great investment. Excellent references upon request. And please, kindly judge me solely on and of nothing more (initially) than my character, which after I've had the opportunity to exhibit my work performance, thank you kindly and sincerely in advance.
$10/hr. with (2)/hr. minimum, Cash, no going on any payroll or pay in / by check (s). I give and exhibit more in exhibited work performance and 'know - how' experience on and of any number of thing's. It's the quality of my/the - work thereof, not the money / compensation reaped / earned, that essentially sets me apart from other's out there charging WAY more, and don't do nearly as much and / or are dedicated as I am.  

I ask for (24)/hr. advance notice as to plan my commute to clientele (via; exhibit business and professional attitude, detail oriented and take pride in the work that I am given, but I am quick about it, thus, I get the job done right the first time. All clientele must supply OR already possess/have on - site location item's for any tasks or duties to be carried out by me -
Driver's License: Class C - (Automatic, not manual transmission), exp 02/17/2017.
This is my over (7) year sole proprietorship, (2005 - current/present) - "Freelance Casual and General Labor odd job Services" business. Over $21,000/profit per my documented 'Financials' and years' compiled of 'Assignment Order' invoice odd job work form's.
Light industrial, Forklift Certified, Operated powered and non powered Pallet Jacks, UPS on-line, Shipping and Receiving, Inventory and Rotating Stock, Re-Stocking, Loading and Unloading vehicles, Entry Level General Office (filing, phones, misc.) and Customer Service, as well as Entry Level Graphic Web Design, computer / PC project's using Windows 95 / 98 / XP / (Microsoft Word, Internet, email), and Basic / Elementary Spanish and American Sign Language. As well as odd job's: housecleaning, mover's assistant / helper, minimal yard work, minimal laundry, washing (dishes / vehicles), groundskeeping, janitorial. I've also done TV / Film background scene work as well as interned on various student and independent low - budget film / video production projects, performing various production department assisting, such as craft service's and boom operator. Also I can do house and pet sitting, organizing, ETC, MISC. So amidst a pre - discussion, question is: 'What do you need done, completed, been wanting to get around to but haven't (yet) or would like to have done and/or completed?


ADDITIONAL (on me): I care about and am deeply passionate with progressive growth, teamwork (if needed) and exhibit professional / business - oriented attitude, as well as have a deep passion and utmost, utter respect for business and customer service, as well as customer satisfaction.
I got over (
7) year's of satisfied clientele; (some needing one-time service, while other's - periodic/occasional service). And whether housecleaning, which has seemed to be my most requested, though I do as well tasks' such as (cleaning out garage of ? & moving out to curb for city to pick-up), mover's helper (loading/unloading of moving truck);
I do whatever reasonably in undertaking, carrying-out, following-thru and/or completing. AND I always seek to go extra mile my clientele; not because of given compensation, but because I expect myself to over-exceed clientele's expectation's. So please, let me know if I can help you.
My respectively confided clientele is comprised of men, women, and of various backgrounds'; my only key thing is 'be on the real' when I give my all and post request compensation (=) win-win situation. God bless. Here to please, over-achieve, complete and excel unto my fullness, unto the best of my ability.
My Traits:
Agreeable, Caring, Communicative, Compassionate, Competent, Dependable, Easy Going, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Introverted, Kind, Neat, Open, Opinionated, Quiet, Rational, Sensitive, Simple, Spiritual, Talented, Trusting. 
Marshall Is a Source of Immense Pride and Confidence
Friday, August 17, 2012

I have to admit... I graduated from Marshall quite some time ago now, but there isn't a day that's gone by where I didn't wake up, know exactly who I was, that I had a (good) purpose in life, and I could accomplish anything I set out to do.

A Marshall Graduate Has High Expectations and Confidence to Succeed

The kind of confidence that takes to make the above statement is the kind of confidence you gain while as a student at USC generally, and a student of the Marshall School of Business specifically. As a graduate of Marshall your self-imposed expectations are simply higher than the vast majority of people around you. When others ask, "Why do that?" you respond, "Why not?" It was that kind of thinking that lead me to leap out of my own comfort-zone and take up stage acting as a hobby. I had the personal belief that I could even though I had never done anything like it before. As a graduate of USC you'll find that kind of self-confidence becoming more and more routine because you simply come to expect success at whatever you choose to do.

People Look to You for Leadership and Judgement

As a graduate of USC you are recognized as a person who is associated with an institution whose members simply expect more from themselves and routinely demonstrate excellence wherever they go. People who know your background ask your opinion because they value what you have to say on a topic. You have instant credibility. People instinctively know that your involvement in a project will make it successful because of your drive for excellence. You don't settle for "good enough."

Your Graduation from Marshall Is an Immense Source of Pride

When you finish your degree at The Marshall School of Business you, your family, and everyone who associates with you shares a feeling of great pride. This pride comes from being associated with a tremendous institution filled with high-achievers. There isn't a day that goes by where (if you're paying attention) you don't see *someone* from USC making an important decision, sharing their expertise, leading locally, nationally, or globally, or achieving milestones of excellence. As you grow older you start to notice people marveling at your perserverance, your commitment to excellence. You have this pride in you that others just can't match. Personal pride is a big part of why you came to USC and why you fit in at The Marshall School of Business.

It is this collection of people with a high level of personal pride that makes USC as prominent as it is. That is why you belong, and that is why people will look up to you when you graduate: Pride.